作家名 作品名 評者
Cady, Jack Jeremiah(F&SF 2000.9) 深山めい
Cambias, James L. The Alien Abduction(F&SF 2000.9) 深山めい
Card, Orson Scott Homebody(Harper Collins, 1998) 溝口哲郎
Tresure Box(Harper Collins, 1986/1987) 溝口哲郎
Carmody, Isobelle Obernewtyn(Tor, 1999) 東茅子
Carr, Jayge Reflection(Analog 2000.9) 東茅子
The Long Granger(Analog 2002.7/8) 東茅子
The Wall That Bind(Analog 2001.7/8) 東茅子
Carroll, Jonathan The Marriage of Sticks(1999)
The Wodden Sea(Tor, 2001)
Carter, Scott William The Liberators(Analog 2004.4) 東茅子
The Time Traveler's Wife(Analog 2005.7/8) 東茅子
Caselberg, Jay Caireen DawnPowers of Detection(Ace, 2005) 東茅子
Castro, Adam-Troy Locusts / Metastasis / Messenger / Toy / Masterpiece / Curse of the Phlegmpire / The Last Straw / Trouble with Eyeballs / From Hell It Came / Dead Like Me / Field Trip / The Pussy Expert / The JugglerA Desperate, Decaying Darkness(Wildside Press, 2000) 東茅子
Sunday Night Yams at Minnie and Earl's(Analog 2001.6) 東茅子
The Last Robot / Neither Rain Nor 'Sleet / Cerile and the Journeyer / Ego to Go / MS. Found Paper-Clipped to a Box of Jujubes / The Batman and Robin Murder Mystery --- Solved! / Woo-Woo Vengeance / The Guy Who Could Make These, Like, Really Amazing Armpit Noises, and Why He Was Contemplating Hippopotami at the Top of Mount Everest / Fuel / Baby Girl Diamond / The Funeral March of the MarionettesAn Alien Darkness(Wildside Press), 2000 東茅子
Unseen Demons(Analog 2002.7/8) 東茅子
Yes, We Did Say Chicks!(Did You Say Chicks? (Bean, 1998) 東茅子
Castro, Adam-Troy (Jerry Oltion & ___) The Astronaut from Wyoming(Analog 1999.7/8) 東茅子
Chadbourn, Mark Where Do You Go When The Lights Go Out(Infinity Plus) ZERU
Charles, E. Gannnon The Power of Vision(Analog 2003.6) 東茅子
Chase, Robart R. Cheetahs(Analog 2000.7/8) 東茅子
Heat(Analog 1999.12) 東茅子
Chase, Robert R. Endeavor(Analog 2005.7/8) 東茅子
The Meeting of the Pilgrims(Analog 2003.7/8) 東茅子
Unseen(Analog 2003/10) 東茅子
Chiang, Ted Seventy-Two Letters(Vanishing Acts, Tor, 2000)
Chilson, Rob Do We Dare Disturb the Universe(Asimov's 1997.12) 深山めい
Talking Monkeys(Analog 2001.4) 東茅子
Chwedyk, Richard The Measure of All Things(F&SF 2001.1) はぐれ蝙蝠
Clarke, J. Brian In Spare(Analog 2004.4) 東茅子
Wet(Analog 2001.3) 東茅子
Clarke, Susanna Jonathan Starnge & Mr. Norrell(Bloomsbury, 2004) a nanny mouse
Clayton, Jo Borrowed Light(F&SF 1997.9) ZERU
Clee, Mona Branch Point(Ace, 1996) 冬樹蛉
Clement, Hal Under(Analog 2000.1) 東茅子
Clough, Brenda W. May Be Some Time(Analog 2001.4) 東茅子
Tiptoe, on a Fence Post(Analog 2002.7/8) 東茅子
Coad, Brian C. The Cost of Having a Kid(Analog 2000.1) 東茅子
The Wonderlust(Analog 2001.4) 東茅子
Coats, Yvonne Where the Advantage Lies(Treachery and Treason, Roc, March 2000) 東茅子
Collins, Ron A Matter of Pride(Analog 2000.4) 東茅子
Just Business(Analog 2003.11) 東茅子
K-232(Silicon Dreams/DAW, 2001) 東茅子
Parchment in Glass(Analog 2002.3) 東茅子
Stealing the Sun(Analog 1999.10) 東茅子
The Taranth Stone(Analog 2000.10) 東茅子
Collins, Ron & John C. Bodin The Day the Track Stood Still(Analog 2003.5) 東茅子
Compton, D. G. The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe(1974) 殊能将之
Constantine, Storm The Face of SektYear's Best Fantasy(EOS, 2001 ed. Daved G. Hartwell)  PDFファイル 香月祥宏
Cook, Paul The Engines of Dawn(RoC) 溝口哲郎
Cook, Rick & Earnest Hogan Obsidian Harvest(Analog 2000.4) 東茅子
Cool, Tom Frozen(Treachery and Treason, Roc, March 2000) 東茅子
Infectress(Bean, 1997) 冬樹蛉
Cooper, Brenda Linda's Dragon(Analog 2003.7/8) 東茅子
Savant Songs(Analog 2004.12) 東茅子
The Ice and Mirrors はぐれ蝙蝠
Cooper, Brenda & Larry Niven Choosing Life(Analog 2002.1) 東茅子
Finding Myself(Analog 2002.6) 東茅子
The Trellis(Analog 2003.11) 東茅子
Costikyan, Greg And Still She SleepsYear's Best Fantasy(EOS, 2001 ed. Daved G. Hartwell)  PDFファイル 香月祥宏
Cramer, John Einstein's Bridge(Avon, 1997) 加藤輝幸
Creek, Dave A Glimpse of Splendor(Analog 2000.2) 東茅子
Infinity's Friend(Analog 2005.10) 東茅子
Pathways(Analog 2000.5) 東茅子
Splendor's Truth(Analog 2002.5) 東茅子
Swarming Korolev(Analog 2000.11) 東茅子
Swarming Korolev(Analog 2000.11) 東茅子
The Human Equaions(Analog 2002.11) 東茅子
Unbound(Analog 2004.9) 東茅子
Cuirle, Walter F. Truck Stop(Analog 2002.11) 東茅子
Cunningham, Michael Specimen Days a nanny mouse
Czerneda, Julie E. A Thousand Words for Stranger(DAW, 1997) 東茅子
Be Holder's Eye(DAW, 1998) 東茅子
Changing Vision(DAW, 2000) 東茅子
In the Company of Others(Daw, 2001) 東茅子
Left Foot on a Blind Man(Silicon Dreams/DAW, 2001) 東茅子
Packing Fraction and Other Tales of Science and Imagination(Trifolium, 1999) 東茅子
The Passenger(Treachery and Treason, Roc, March 2000) 東茅子