作家名 作品名 評者
Haber, Karen The Fine Art of Betrayal(Treachery and Treason, Roc, March 2000) 東茅子
Haldeman, Joe Camouflage (Part 1 of 3)(Analog 2004.3) 東茅子
Camouflage (Part 2 of 3)(Analog 2004.4) 東茅子
Camouflage (Part 3 of 3)(Analog 2004.5) 東茅子
Forever Peace(Ace, 1997)『終りなき平和』創元SF文庫 冬樹蛉
Hale, Deborah The Wizard's Ward(LUNA, 2004) 東茅子
Hambly, Barbara A Night with the Girls(Did You Say Chicks? (Bean, 1998) 東茅子
Hamilton, Laurell K. Blood upon My LipsCravings (Jove, June 2004) 東茅子
Bloody Bones(Ace, 1996) 東茅子
Blue Moon(Ace, 1998) 東茅子
Burnt Offerings(Ace, 1998) 東茅子
The Girl Who Was Infatuated with DeathBite (Jove, January 2005) 東茅子
The Killing Dance(Ace 1987) 東茅子
Hamilton, Peter F. The Suspect Genome(Interzone 2000.6) 細井威男
Hand, Elizabeth Calypso In Berlin Lilith
Chip Crockett's Cristmas Carol(SciFiction) Lilith
Hannan, Noel K. Thoughts on Life and Death from the Tarkaha(Infinity Plus) ZERU
Hanson, Amy Axt & Jerry Oltion Tropies and Treasures(Analog 2004.9) 東茅子
Harness, Charles L. An Ornament to His Profession(NESFA Press, 1998) The Rose / Time Trap / Stalemate in Space / The New Reality / The Chessplayers / Child by Chronos / An Ornament to His Profession / The Alchemist / The Million Year Patent / Probable Cause / The Araqnid Window / Summer Solstice / Quarks at Appomattox / George Washington Slept Here / O Lyric Love / The Tetrahedron / Lethary Fair 木戸英判
Cybele, with Bluebonnets(NESFA Press, 2002) 木戸英判
Faces(Analog 2003.12) 東茅子
Our Man In Pluvia(Analog 2002.4) 東茅子
Playmate(Analog 2000.9) 東茅子
Red Skies(Analog 2000.2) 東茅子
The Money Tree(Analog 2000.6) 東茅子
The Paradox Men(New English Library, 1976) 木戸英判
The Perfumed Heart(Analog 2000.10) 東茅子
The Ring of Ritornel(A Berkley Medallion Book, 1968) 木戸英判
The Terraformers(Analog 1999.12) 東茅子
Voices(Analog 2002.12) 東茅子
Harris, Charlaine Fairy DustPowers of Detection(Ace, 2005) 東茅子
One Word AnswerBite (Jove, January 2005) 東茅子
Harrison, Kim Dead Witch Walking(Harper Torch, May 2004) 東茅子
Harrison, M. John Light a nanny mouse
Hartmann, William K. Mars Underground(Tor, 1997) 加藤輝幸
Hartwell, David Year's Best SF#4 細井威男
Harvard Lampoon, The Bored of the Rings(New Amer Libray, 1993) 板倉充洋
Hatch, Daniel Seed of Destiny(Analog 2003.1) 東茅子
The Company Man(Analog 2001.10) 東茅子
Hauf, Michele Seraphim(LUNA, 2004) 東茅子
Hazel, Paul The Wealdwife's Tale 中野善夫
Hecht, Jeff By the Lake(Analog 2002.11) 東茅子
Draft Dodger's Rag(Analog 2004.3) 東茅子
Heller, Rick The Mind Field(F&SF 2001.1) はぐれ蝙蝠
Hemry, John G. Crow's Feat(Analog 2000.11) 東茅子
Down the Rabbit Hole(Analog 2001.5) 東茅子
Generation Gap(Analog 2002.12) 東茅子
Small Moments in Time(Analog 2004.12) 東茅子
Standard of Sucess(Analog 2005.4) 東茅子
Henry, John G. Section Seven(Analog 2003.9) 東茅子
Working on Borrowed Time(Analog 2005.6) 東茅子
Herter, David Evening's Empire a nanny mouse
Hill, Joe Best New HorrorPostscripts 3(PS Publising, 2005) a nanny mouse
Hobb, Robin 《THE FARSEER》三部作を中心に《THE FARSEER》 Assassin's Apprentice (Bantam Books/Voyager, 1995) / Royal Assassin (Bantam Books/Voyager, 1996) / Assassin's Quest (Bantam Books/Voyager, 1997) こと
《THE FARSEER》三部作を中心に《THE LIVESHIP TRADERS》Ship of Magic (Bantam Books/Voyager, 1998) / Mad Ship (Bantam Books/Voyager, 1999) / Ship of Destiny (Bantam Books/Voyager, 2000) こと
《THE FARSEER》三部作を中心に《THE TAWNY MAN》 Fool's Errand (Voyager, 2001/Bantam Books, 2002) こと
Hoffman, Nina Kiriki One Day at Central Convenience Hall(Not Of Woman Born (ROC, March 1999) 東茅子
Past the Size of Dreams(Ace, 2001)『マットの魔法の指輪』創元推理文庫 深山めい
The Red Heart of Memories 深山めい
The World Within(F&SF 1997.9) ZERU
Hogan, Earnest The Rise and Fall of Paco Cohen and the Mariachis of Mars(Analog 2001.4) 東茅子
Hogan, Earnest (Rick Cook & ___) Obsidian Harvest(Analog 2000.4) 東茅子
Hogan, James P. Take Two(Silicon Dreams/DAW, 2001) 東茅子
Hopkinson, Nalo Brown Girl In The Ring(Warner Aspect, 1998) ZERU
Greedy Choke PuppyYear's Best Fantasy(EOS, 2001 ed. Daved G. Hartwell)  PDFファイル 香月祥宏
Midnight Robber(Waner Aspect, 2000) モンモランシ@アンサンブル
Howe, Robert J. Entropy's Grilfriend(Analog 2005.10) 東茅子
Hoyt, Danie M. Background Noise(Analog 2003.1) 東茅子
Hoyt, Sarah A. Taveling, Traveling(Analog 2003.7/8) 東茅子
Trafalgar Square(Analog 2001.11) 東茅子
Hoyt, Sarah H. Ill Met by Moonlight a nanny mouse