作家名 作品名 評者
Sakers, Don The Slow Train(Analog 2004.10) 東茅子
Sallis, James Day's Heat(Asimov's 2001.2) 深山めい
Day's Heat(Asimov's 2001.2) はぐれ蝙蝠
Sanders, William J(iPublish.com, 2001) ZERU
Saul, John Nightshade(Ballantine Book, June 2000, $25.95) はぐれ蝙蝠
Saunders, George CommComm(The New Yorker 2005.08.01) a nanny mouse
Sawyer, Robert J. Calculating God(Tor, 2000)
Factoring Humanity(Tor, 1999)
Flash Forward『フラッシュフォワード』ハヤカワ文庫SF 加藤輝幸
Frameshift(Tor, 1997)『フレームシフト』早川文庫SF 加藤輝幸
Hominids(TOR, 2002) 東茅子
Hominids(Part I)(Analog 2002.1) 東茅子
Hominids(Part II)(Analog 2002.2) 東茅子
Hominids(Part III)(Analog 2002.3) 東茅子
Hominids(Part IV)(Analog 2002.4) 東茅子
Illegal Alien(Ace, 1997) 『イリーガル・エイリアン』早川文庫SF
Ineluctable(Analog 2002.11) 東茅子
Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann The Attack of the Avenging Virgins(Did You Say Chicks? (Bean, 1998) 東茅子
The Stone of War and the Nightingale's Egg(Chicks in Chainmail(Bean, 1995)) 東茅子
Schembrie, Joe High Moon(Analog 2005.5) 東茅子
The First Martian(Analog 2004.9) 東茅子
The Wrong Side of the Planet(Analog 2005.10) 東茅子
Scherrer, Robert Born Under the Sign of Bonanza(Analog 2003.11) 東茅子
Copernican Principle(Analog 2005.3) 東茅子
Extra Innings(Analog 2004.11) 東茅子
Happy Deathday(Analog 2001.7/8) 東茅子
The Perfect Story(Analog 2001.5) 東茅子
Schmidt, Stanley Generation Gap(Artemis 2000 Spring)
Schmitz, James Henry Telzey Amberdon(Bean, 2000) Poltergeist / Goblin Night / Sleep No More / Lion Game / Blood of Nalakia / The Star Hyacinths 木戸英判
T'NT:Telzey Amberdon & Trigger Agree together(Bean, 2000) Company Planet / Resident Witch / Complusion / Glory Day / Child of the Gods / Ti's Toy / Symbiotes 木戸英判
Schoen, Lawrence M. Take Me to Your Liederkranz(Analog 2005.9) 東茅子
Schrembrie, Joe A Plague of Ruins(Analog 2004.12) 東茅子
Schroeder, Carl Sun of Suns(Part1 of 4)(Analog 2005.11) 東茅子
Sedia, Ekaterina & David Bartell Alphabet Angels(Analog 2005.3) 東茅子
Sedia, Ekaterina G. & David Bartell Smiling Vermin(Analog 2005.5) 東茅子
Shaffer, Catherine The Doctrine of Noncontact(Analog 2005.10) 東茅子
Shaffer, Catherine H. Midnight on Tabula(Analog 2004.10) 東茅子
Shahar, Eluki Bes The New Britomart(Chicks in Chainmail(Bean, 1995)) 東茅子
Sharrah, J. T. Greetings from Kudesh(Analog 2004.6) 東茅子
Shaw, Bob A Wreath of Stars(Pan Science Fiction, 1976) 木戸英判
Night Walk 木戸英判
Shaw, Melissa Lee A Deeper Rest(Analog 2002.1) 東茅子
Sheckely, Robert Magic, Maples, and Maryanne(F&SF 2000.10/11) 深山めい
Pandora's Box - Open With Care(F&SF 2000.9) 深山めい
Sheckley, Robert Magic, Maples, and MaryanneYear's Best Fantasy(EOS, 2001 ed. Daved G. Hartwell)  PDFファイル 香月祥宏
Sheffied, Charles & Jerry Pournelle Higher Education(Tor, 1996) 東茅子
Jupiter Novels Series(Tor) 東茅子
Sheffield, Charles Aftermath 加藤輝幸
Georgia on my Mind and Other Places(Tor, 1995) The Feynman Saltation / The Bee's Kiss / Millenium / Fifteen-love on the Dead Man's Chest / Deep Safari / Beyond the Golden Road / Health Care System / Humanity Test / The Strain Again / Destroyer of Worlds / The Fifteenth Station of the Cross / Trapalanda / Obsolete Skill / Georgia On My Mind 木戸英判
McAndrew and the Fifth Commandment(Analog 1999.9) 東茅子
Starfire 加藤輝幸
The Diamond Drill(Analog 2002.4) 東茅子
The Ganymede Club(Tor, 1995) 冬樹蛉
Shelley, Rick At the Zoo(Analog 1999.6) 東茅子
Beacon(Analog 1998.11) ZERU
First Contact National Monument(Analog 2001.12) 東茅子
Shembrie, Joe The Keeper's Riddle(Analog 2005.7/8) 東茅子
Shepard, Lucius Crocodile Rock(F&SF 1999.10/11) 香月祥宏
Radiant Green Star(Asimov's 2000.8)「輝ける緑の星」『S-Fマガジン』2002年1月号
Sherman, Josepha Teacher's Pet(Chicks in Chainmail(Bean, 1995)) 東茅子
Shinn, Sharon Archangel(Ace, 1996) 東茅子
Archangel 深山めい
Fallen AngelTo Weave a Web of Magic(Berkley, 2004) 東茅子
Jovah's Angel(Ace, 1997) 東茅子
Jovah's Angel 深山めい
Summers at Castle Auburn(Ace, 2001) 東茅子
The Alleluia Files 深山めい
The Shape-changer's Wife 中野善夫
The Sorcerer's AssassinPowers of Detection(Ace, 2005) 東茅子
Shwartz, Suzan Exchange Program(Chicks in Chainmail(Bean, 1995)) 東茅子
Silverberg, Robert Starborne 加藤輝幸
There Was An Old Woman(Not Of Woman Born (ROC, March 1999) 東茅子
Silverthorne, Lisa Getting Across(Sci-Fi Private Eye) ZERU
Rena 733(Treachery and Treason, Roc, March 2000) 東茅子
Simner, Janni Lee Bra Melting(Chicks in Chainmail(Bean, 1995)) 東茅子
Raising Jenny(Not Of Woman Born (ROC, March 1999) 東茅子
Singleton, Sarah Ebb TideYear's Best Fantasy(EOS, 2001 ed. Daved G. Hartwell)  PDFファイル 香月祥宏
Slesar, Henry Dinner Party(F&SF 2001.1) はぐれ蝙蝠
Smith, Douglas What's in a Name?(Treachery and Treason, Roc, March 2000) 東茅子
Smith, Kristine Code of Conduct(Avon Eos, 1999) 東茅子
Smith, Michael Marshall Only Forward(Bantam Books, 2000)『オンリー・フォワード』ソニー・マガジンズ 香月祥宏
Smith, Rosemary Claire Birch Glow(Analog 2002.1) 東茅子
Smith, Sherwood I Was A Teenage Superhero(Fictionwise) ZERU
Mom and Dad at the Home FrontYear's Best Fantasy(EOS, 2001 ed. Daved G. Hartwell)  PDFファイル 香月祥宏
Sparhawk, Bud Chandra's Pup(Analog 2005.7/8) 東茅子
Evolution(Analog 2000.10) 東茅子
Magic's Price(Analog 2001.3) 東茅子
Sam Boone's Super Fantastic Intragalactic Ass-Kickin', Body-Slammin', Foot-Stompin' Rasslin' Extravaganza(Analog 2002.5) 東茅子
The Debt(Analog 2000.5) 東茅子
The Emperor's Dark Matters(Analog 2000.7/8) 東茅子
Spencer Wen Tinker(ROC, 2003) 東茅子
Spencer, Wen Alien Taste(ROC, 2001) 東茅子
Dog Warrior(ROC, 2005) 東茅子
Tainted Trail(ROC, 2002) 東茅子
Springer, Nancy Whoops!(Chicks in Chainmail(Bean, 1995)) 東茅子
St. Clair, Margaret Age of Prophecy 松崎健司
An Egg a Month from All Over 松崎健司
An Old-fashioned Bird Christmas 松崎健司
Asking 松崎健司
Birthright 松崎健司
Braulieu 松崎健司
Brightness Falls from the Air 松崎健司
Change the Sky 松崎健司
Child of Void 松崎健司
Fort Iron 松崎健司
Goddess on the Street Corner 松崎健司
Graveyard Shift 松崎健司
Lazarus 松崎健司
Marriage Manual 松崎健司
Prott 松崎健司
Shore Leave 松崎健司
Stawdust 松崎健司
The Altruits 松崎健司
The Death of Each Day 松崎健司
The Family 松崎健司
The House in Bel Aire 松崎健司
The Man Who Sold Rope to The Gnoles 松崎健司
The Wines of Earth 松崎健司
Then Fly Our Greetings 松崎健司
Thirsty God 松崎健司
Stabenow, Dana Justice is a Two-edged SwordPowers of Detection(Ace, 2005) 東茅子
Stabenow, Dana ed. Powers of Detection(Ace, 2005) 東茅子
Stableford, Brian ChanterelleYear's Best Fantasy(EOS, 2001 ed. Daved G. Hartwell)  PDFファイル 香月祥宏
Snowball in Hell(Analog 2000.12) 東茅子
The Milk of Human Kindness(Analog 2001.3) 東茅子
Steele, Alen A King of Infinite Space(Harper Prism, 1997) 山岸真
Agape Among The Robots(Analog 2000.5) はぐれ蝙蝠
Agape Among The Robots(Analog 2000.5) 東茅子
All-American Alien Boy(Ace) Lost in the Shopping Mall / Mudzilla's Last Stand / Hunting Wabbit / Riders in the Sky / Whinin' Boy Bulues / See Rock City / 2,437 UFOs Over New Hampshire / Jonathan Livingstone Seaslug / Doblin's Lecture / A Letter from St. Louis / The Good Rat 細井威男
Stealing Alabama(Asimov's 2001.1) はぐれ蝙蝠
The Days Between(Asimov's 2001.3) 深山めい
The Jericho Interation(Ace, 1994) 山岸真
Steele, Allen M. Moreau2(Analog 2004.7/8) 東茅子
Sterling, Bruce Distraction 倉田タカシ
User-Centic(Asimov's 2001.2) はぐれ蝙蝠
User-Centric(Asimov's 2001.2) 深山めい
Sterling, Bruce and Rudy Rucker Junk DNA(Asimov's 2003.1) ZERU
Stewart, Guy A Pig Tale(Analog 2000.6) 東茅子
Warning! Warning!(Analog 2004.10) 東茅子
Stewart, Sean Galveston(Ace, 2000)  PDFファイル モンモランシ@アンサンブル
Resurrection Man(Ace, 1997) ZERU
Stiegler, Marc A Brief History of (Eat Cheppos Now!) Intellectual Property(Analog 1998.11) ZERU
Stirling, Jan Were-Wench(Chicks in Chainmail(Bean, 1995)) 東茅子
Stirling, Jan & S. M. Sterling Armor Propre(Did You Say Chicks? (Bean, 1998) 東茅子
Stirling, S. M. A Whiff of Grapeshot(More Than Honor, Bean, 1998) 東茅子
Stone Jr., Del Kiss Me. You Fool(Treachery and Treason, Roc, March 2000) 東茅子
Stone, Eric James Resonance(Analog 2005.9) 東茅子
Stover, Deb Skin DeepIrresistible Forces(NAL, 2004) 東茅子
Straley, John LovelyPowers of Detection(Ace, 2005) 東茅子
Stratmann, H. G. Achromamorph's Burden(Analog 2000.2) 東茅子
Hearts in Darkness(Analog 2002.3) 東茅子
Jurisimprudence(Analog 2000.9) 東茅子
Naked Came The Earthling(Analog 2001.7/8) 東茅子
Tempora Mutantur(Analog 1999.7/8) 東茅子
The Eumenide(Analog 1998.11) ZERU
To Him Who Waits(Analog 1999.12) 東茅子
Strauss, Victoria The Arm of the Stone(Avon Eos, 1998) ZERU
Strock, Ian Randal Ego Boost(Analog 2002.3) 東茅子
Get Me to the Job on Time(Analog 2003.5) 東茅子
How I Won the Lottery, Broke the Time Barrier (Or Is That Broke the Time Barrie, Won the Lottery), And Still Would Up Broke(Analog 2000.6) 東茅子
You Gotta See This!(Analog 2002.12) 東茅子
Stross, Charles Antibodies(Interzone 2000.6) 細井威男
Singularity Sky(Berkley Pub Group, 2003) 板倉充洋
Singularity Sky『シンギュラリティ・スカイ』金子浩訳(2006.6 早川書房) a nanny mouse
Sullivan, John Everything ChangesYear's Best Fantasy(EOS, 2001 ed. Daved G. Hartwell)  PDFファイル 香月祥宏
Sullivan, Tricia Dreaming in Smoke(Bantam Spectra, 1998) 東茅子
Lethe(Bantam Spectra, 1995) 東茅子
Maul(Orbit, 2003) 東茅子
Someone to Watch over Me(Bantam Spectra, 1997) 東茅子
Someone to Watch over Me はぐれ蝙蝠
The Question Eaters(Full Spectrum 5(Bantam Spectra, 1995) ZERU
Swanwick, Michael Hello. Said the Stick(Analog 2002.03) 東茅子
Scherzo with Tyrannosaur(Asimov's 1999/7) 細井威男
Slow Life(Analog 2002.12) 東茅子
The Raggle Taggle Gypsy-OYear's Best Fantasy(EOS, 2001 ed. Daved G. Hartwell)  PDFファイル 香月祥宏
The Wisdom of Old Earth(Asimov's 1997.12) 深山めい
Vacuum Flowers(Simon & Schuster, 1988) 冬樹蛉
Wild Minds(Asimov's 1998.5) ZERU
Sweeney, Tom Oven, Witch, and Wardrobe(Analog 2001.10) 東茅子